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Oral History Interview Packet 12.16.pdf
Oral history packet that was developed by volunteers conducting interviews for the 500 Oral Histories Project for The Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation between the years 2008-2011.

Vietnamese language interview with Tran Bich Nga of San Jose, California.

This interview is part of the Vietnamese in the Diaspora Digital Archive. Interviews were conducted by the Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation as part of the national…

Vietnamese language interview with Trieu Giang (Nancy Bui), Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation founder and president. She highlights the 500 Oral History Project, an interview project that has collected interviews by Vietnamese Americans across…

Thuy, Vo Dang and Linda Trinh Vo_Photo.jpg
Linda Trinh Vo, (professor of Asian American Studies) and Thuy Vo Dang (project director for the Vietnamese American Oral History Project) describe the UC Irvine Southeast Asian Archive, that focuses on collecting materials about Cambodian, Laos and…

Jason Wang, an Asian American studies major at UT Austin, describes how he became interested in Vietnamese American history by participating in an oral history project that he conducted as part of a course on Vietnamese Americans taught by Dr. Linda…
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