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Syllabus. Vietnamese America: History, Community and Memory by Y Thien Nguyen and Duyen Bui with support from the US-Vietnam Research Center.

This course introduces students to the vibrant ethnic/immigrant/refugee community of Vietnamese Americans in all its complexities. The class begins with exploration of contemporary intellectual and political debates within Vietnamese American studies and on Vietnamese American identity(ies). The course will provide students with a history of the Vietnam War, discuss Vietnamese refugee migration to the United States, and explore how these refugees formed their communities in America. Situating Vietnamese American within a history of war and migration, the course will guide students in the examination of important and complex contemporary issues germane to the community, including anticommunism, refugeeism, transnational activism, and the politics of memory. Students will be appraised of the literature on forced migration, diaspora, memory, oral history, and community politics. The course aims to provide students with knowledge of and familiarity with the history and politics of Vietnamese America.

Syllabus. Vietnamese America: History, Community and Memory

Syllabus - Vietnamese Americans - History Community & Memory.pdf

Pending funding, this syllabus will be updated with linked open access to chapters from the Temple University Press volume, "Toward a Framework for…