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Oral History Interview Packet 12.16.pdf
Oral history packet that was developed by volunteers conducting interviews for the 500 Oral Histories Project for The Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation between the years 2008-2011.

Syllabus - Vietnamese Americans - History Community & Memory.pdf
Pending funding, this syllabus will be updated with linked open access to chapters from the Temple University Press volume, "Toward a Framework for Vietnamese American Studies: History, Community, and Memory, set to be published in 2022).


English language interview with Kim Yen Vu.

The Vietnamese in the Diaspora Digital Archive (ViDDA) is a grassroots collection of interviews conducted and supported through The Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation (VAHF) to provide oral history…

English language interview with Hoi Trinh. His parents were both teachers in Saigon, but were made to work in agriculture postwar. His family tried to escape several times and were caught. He recall being imprisoned for three months at eight years…

Roger Quan was born in the Cho Lon District (Chinatown) in Saigon, Vietnam. He worked as a machinist. He was granted asylum to the U.S. through the Orderly Departure Program in 1988 and eventually settled near San Jose, California.

This interview…

Nguyen Phan Thu Thao (Jacqueline) was born in Danang, Vietnam. Her family moved to Saigon, Vietnam and later fled the country by boat to Malaysian and then Philippine refugee camps. Her family immigrated separately to the United States--one of her…

Father Michael Nam Nguyen describes his experiences living in a Catholic community under communist rule during the aftermath of the Fall of Saigon. His family escaped by boat to a refugee camp in Malaysia before being resettled in the United States.…
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