This collection is made up of secondary sources about the Vietnamese diaspora and could include lesson plans, reports, articles and websites.

Collection Items

Website. Formosa Ha Tinh Steel. Formosa Plastics Global Archive.
Materials pertaining to advocacy efforts related to the Formosa Ha Tinh Steel environmental disaster in Vietnam.

Oral History Guide. The Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation.
Oral history packet that was developed by volunteers conducting interviews for the 500 Oral Histories Project for The Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation between the years 2008-2011.

Syllabus. Vietnamese America: History, Community and Memory
Pending funding, this syllabus will be updated with linked open access to chapters from the Temple University Press volume, "Toward a Framework for Vietnamese American Studies: History, Community, and Memory, set to be published in 2022).


Archive Collection. Families of Vietnamese Political Prisoners Association (FVPPA) Collections. The Vietnam Center & Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive. Texas Tech University.
Physical and digitized archive. The Vietnam Center & Archive (VNCA) houses two FVPPA collections that document the rich history of this organization and the Orderly Departure Program. These collections contain ODP applications, correspondence of the…

Website, Archive of Vietnamese Boat People.
This website collects, preserves and presents data relating to the Vietnamese and Indochinese refugees. The information is crowdsourced from users who submit their photos, stories and related information.

A website with information about Southeast refugee camps and the experiences of individuals who lived, worked and waited to be admitted to other countries of resettlement. The website is crowd-sourced from users who share photos, comments and stories…
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