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A website with information about Southeast refugee camps and the experiences of individuals who lived, worked and waited to be admitted to other countries of resettlement. The website is crowd-sourced from users who share photos, comments and stories…

Australia Melbourne Photo by saigon-welcome-arch.jpg
A Saigon Welcome Arch memorial commemorates arrival of Vietnamese in Australia.

USA Houston Photo by Waymarking ef0dd35d-306c-4af6-aeed-58ae03af4415.jpg
The memorial depicts statues of a Vietnamese refugee family in honor and remembrance of the experiences of those who fled Vietnam.

Canada Montreal Photo by Bang Nguyen 1723160901163107.jpg
The memorial is located at the Cimetière Le Repos Saint-François d’Assise. It represents an ARVN soldier and commemorates the killed soldiers of the Republic of Vietnam, from 1954 to 1975 and the Vietnamese Boat People perished at sea.

Philippines Bataan Photo by Maps123 DSC_9877.jpg
Plaque listing names of overseas Vietnamese and wooden entrance marking the Vietnamese Memorial Park entrance.

Canada Calgary Photo by Calgary Vietnamese Canadian Association journey-to-freedom-park.jpg
The Journey to Freedom Park and monument will be built at the gateway to International Avenue in southeast Calgary, will commemorate the Vietnamese people will lost their lives while fleeing Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in the years following the…

Canada Vancouver Photo by Ted McGrath 48688140121_e3dcc7df01_o.jpg
Bronze sculpture commemorates the Vietnamese boat people who sought freedom, democracy and safety in Canada.

Canada Mississauga Photo by Cristina Vasilenco f090c3aa709ca0ca34fc908f70f53537_-ontario-regional-municipality-of-peel-mississauga-vietnamese-boat-people-monument-905-820-2376html.jpg
Monument; description of the building process is available here

Canada Ottowa Photo by Phan The Trung vietnamstatueottawa.jpg
Monument titled "Refugee Mother and Child." According to the sculptor, this was the first memorial in the world dedicated to the Vietnamese Boat People. It was installed on April 30, 1995 for the City of Ottawa, Canada and located in the park at the…

Indonesia Pulau Galang Photo by AVBP Bt2.jpg
Memorial of two preserved boats used by refugees to reach Galang Island in 1996. At the time, the boats were deliberately sunk as a form of protest over policies that repatriated about 5,000 refugees who did not pass the required tests.
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